Week 31 and did Chelsea just win the title? // Liverpool drop points to a sh*t team...again // United tie at home....again

Apr 7, 201741 minutes

Fair warning, we are a weeee bit rusty. BUT we're back at it.

Week 31 review and just 7 more game weeks to go! Chelsea bounce back after their loss to Palace to hold on to a 2-1 Victory against Manchester City who can say goodbye to any title hopes they were clinging on to.

Liverpool drop points against a shite team again? Again and again and again, story of their season.

Arsenal finally show up and just in time on their valiant trek towards a 4th place Trophy.

United tie at home. No surprise. Has Mourinho made this team any better?

All that and less. Enjoy :)

Pod Special! CHAMMMPIONNS League Round of 16 Reactions (leg1)

Feb 24, 201735 minutes

Champions League RO16

STOP THE PRESSES. Liverpool won? Chelsea blip? Leicester getting relegated?! WTF

Feb 15, 201741 minutes

Premier League Week 25 Review

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