Champions League Drama | El Kloppico #2 WOW | Transfer Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Money Bets | EPL Preview

Apr 15, 201668 minutes

It's been an unbelievable week for world football. We have a packed show for you today. Here's the rundown:

[00:00 - 35:00] REVIEW all of the drama of the wonderful European Champions League: Barcelona sent packing at the hands of Atletico Madrid. Manchester City upset PSG. Real Madrid and Ronaldo come through big time against German opposition. Our local Liverpool Fanboy basks in one of the greatest comebacks in Europa League history when they faced Dortmund at Anfield. Lastly a quick word about Manchester United and their quest for FA Cup glory overcoming tough West Ham United opposition.

[35:00 - 50:00] HORSESH*T RUMORVILLE. All the transfer gossip rounded up from the papers in Europe are discussed. Zlatan, Lukaku, Mourinho and more.

[50:00 - 55:00] FIVE MINUTES OF FANTASY. Your weekly Fantasy Premier League tips all in 5 concise minutes from our expert.

[55:00 - 61:00] MONEY BETS. Our expert degenerate tells you what to put your dollars on for the coming games and what to stay away from. Last week he hit 4 out of 5.

[61:00] PREVIEWS of the major games in the Premier League this coming week. Only 5 weeks left!!

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