EPL Week 35 Round Up | Leicester City Party Without Vardy | Tottenham Flopspurs Vs. The World | Rafa to the Rescue |Manchester United's Last Gasp

Apr 27, 201625 minutes

Nymma and Borna return from Coachella jaded with a traditional quick-fire Monday show for you. Today we talk major points with ONLY 3 GAMES LEFT in the Premier League!

Leicester prove they are not a one-man-show when highest scorer Jamie Vardy sits out to watch them trample a half-cocked Swansea City.

Rafa rescues a point at his old stomping grounds in Liverpool with an inspiring comeback.

Tottenham flop to a West Brom team who looked to take an early holiday before this game.

Finally Manchester United steal a place in the FA CUP FINAL at the dying minutes of their semi-final against Everton.

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