Champions League | El Kloppico | Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Money Bets | EPL Preview

Apr 8, 201664 minutes

A very special variety show for you today, we keep it moving.

00:00 - We start by reviewing Champions League (Barcelona v. Atletico, Real Madrid v. Wolfsburg, PSG v. Manchester City). El Kloppico (Liverpool v. Dortmund) is discussed as well to round up European Football action.

20:30 - Horsesh*t Rumorville train, all aboard! We go through all of the papers in England and around Europe to gather all of the horsesh*t transfer rumors and discuss the validity (or lack thereof) of Ronaldo and Zlatan going to Manchester United, Pogba moving to Spain, James Rodriguez in England, while Eden Hazard goes leaves Chelsea and Alvaro Morata becomes a gunner at Arsenal. Yeah right?

36:00 - 5 Minutes of Fantasy Premier League Tips to keep you in the game.

41:00 - New segment from proven money maker Shuk on what to put a few dollars on in the coming Premier League games.

49:30 - Premier League Week 33 Preview

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