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Week 31 and did Chelsea just win the title? // Liverpool drop points to a sh*t team...again // United tie at home....again

Apr 7, 201741 minutes

Fair warning, we are a weeee bit rusty. BUT we're back at it.

Week 31 review and just 7 more game weeks to go! Chelsea bounce back after their loss to Palace to hold on to a 2-1 Victory against Manchester City who can say goodbye to any title hopes they were clinging on to.

Liverpool drop points against a shite team again? Again and again and again, story of their season.

Arsenal finally show up and just in time on their valiant trek towards a 4th place Trophy.

United tie at home. No surprise. Has Mourinho made this team any better?

All that and less. Enjoy :)

Pod Special! CHAMMMPIONNS League Round of 16 Reactions (leg1)

Feb 24, 201735 minutes

Champions League RO16

STOP THE PRESSES. Liverpool won? Chelsea blip? Leicester getting relegated?! WTF

Feb 15, 201741 minutes

Premier League Week 25 Review

Gunners groundhog day while Chelsea pull away

Feb 9, 201738 minutes

Premier League Week 24

Deadlock at Anfield // Arsenal coulda been a contender // Preview at Stamford Bridge

Feb 2, 201742 minutes

Premier League Week 23 Review

WTF is an EFL Cup? // Liverpool v. Manchester United Preview // Transfer B.S.

Jan 12, 201736 minutes

Premier League Week 21 Preview

Grumpy Pep | Chelsea Bend the Record | Arsenal Keep You Hanging On

Jan 8, 201735 minutes

Premier League Mid-Season Review

Pep Guardiola didn't get the memo | Mourinho 3arns it

Dec 13, 201627 minutes

Premier League Week 15 Review

Uninvincible Spurs | Chelsea to face Man City eekers | Jose Mounited?

Dec 1, 201643 minutes

Premier League Week 13/14

Good Riddance International Break: A Week 12 Premier League Preview.

Nov 18, 201635 minutes

Premier League Week 12 Preview


Nov 12, 201672 minutes

A Premier League Podcast

Euro2016 ENDS or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moth

Jul 12, 201636 minutes

Euro 2016 Final Review

Don't watch games on delay: Road to the Euro 2016 Final

Jul 10, 201648 minutes

euro 2016 final preview

Euro 2016 QF Madness | Semifinal Preview | Top Transfer News

Jul 6, 201668 minutes

Euro 2016 and Transfer Rumors

Messi ReTIRED OF THIS SH*T | Euro 2016 only 8 Teams Left | Bloody England | USMNT

Jun 29, 201677 minutes

Euro 2016 & Copa America FInal

Copa America Centenario Special | Team USA Trippin | Transfer Rumblings | Vardy to Arsenal?

Jun 6, 201644 minutes

World Football Copa America Transfer Stuff

WE'RE BACK BABY | Mourinho IS A RED | Hello Transfer Window | Champions League Final Preview

May 29, 201653 minutes

Champions League and Transfer Window

LEICESTER F*CKING CITY WIN IT ALL!! | Chelsea v Spurs Cage Match | Juicy Relegation Battle | Champions League Preview

May 3, 201649 minutes

Premier League Week 36 Review & CL Semifinals Leg 2

Merseyside Massacre | EPL Week 35 Preview | Transfer Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Money Bets

Apr 21, 201668 minutes

All Premier League Action Baby

Champions League | El Kloppico | Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Money Bets | EPL Preview

Apr 8, 201664 minutes

Champions League, Transfer Rumors, Bets and Fantasy

Premier League Preview | El Clasico | A Trip To Rumorville

Apr 1, 201662 minutes

Week 32 in the EPL

Premier League Week 31 Instant Review!

Mar 20, 201639 minutes

An instant review of week 31 in the Premier League

Champions League Round Up | Arsenal and Chelsea seasons over | Liverpool Europa Hopes

Mar 17, 201654 minutes

European Football Round Up

Chelsea Crash v PSG | Liverpool stomp Manchester United | Arsenal still Arsenal

Mar 11, 201660 minutes

Champions League, Premier League and FA cup Review

Champions League - Arsenal v Barcelona / Premier League Preview / Liverpool Europa Glory

Feb 26, 201655 minutes

Arsenal had it, and lost it. Liverpool have no choice but Europa. Premier League getting down to the wire.

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